I'm Jacqueline, And I'm A Mom Just
Like You. 


Jacqueline Walters, Pn1 
Founder & CEO 
of Simply Mindful Mama 
Precision Nutrition Level One Certified and 
Intuitive Body Coach

"Mommin' ain't easy my friends".

Agreed!!! It is NOT easy being a mom, and the longer we do it, the harder it seems to get!
I am the proud mom of two amazing little girls and I love them to pieces!
When I became a mom almost 6 years ago, I was not fully prepared for everything that comes along with it.

I was overwhelmed and exhausted. I disliked my body. I felt gross and unhappy.

Anyone else?
Isn't it a BLESSING to be a mom?
Of course it is. And I count mine everyday.
But I was not happy.
And I had to learn the hard way that if anything was going to change, it had to be me.
I wanted to be exicted to wake up every morning!
I want to have time to be active everyday!
I wanted to LOVE summertime in the backyard in our pool - and not cover up my bathing suit.
I wanted to be able to be organized so that cleaning and cooking did not consume me every second of the day.
But HOW????
It seems like a lot of work, doesn't it?
Change is never easy - but it is worth it.

What could you do in your life RIGHT NOW to make things a bit more bearable?

What habits could you start TODAY to help you feel good?
Do you know where to start?
I do.   
And that's why I am here.
I was you.
I still am you.
I see you and I hear you.
And I want you to get to where I am.
And be A Simply Mindful Mama too.

What Is Simply Mindful Mama all about? 


Goal #1: To Get Moms Cooking Again!

Let's get back to basics!

Let's bring cooking back into our kitchens.  And let's get out of the take out habit.
Once in a while?
But with a simple system in place - you will save yourself time and money when you cook and eat at home.

Goal #2: To teach Moms how to put themselves first again!

"You cannot pour from an empty cup".

Probably no truer words have been spoken when referring to moms.
What do most of us need more of?
To do what makes us HAPPY.
To do what helps us RELAX.
To recharge our batteries.
We all have the same 24 hours in a day - but I can show you how to make the most of them.

Goal #3: To show moms that having your energy and time back is achievable!

Change is hard.

In fact, that is why most of us don't even try.
We know that we need to take a hard look at ourselves and dig deep.
But if you're already exhausted, then wouldn't trying something new make you even more tired?
Because you need to see it from the other side.
Jumping out of bed in the morning excited to face the day!
Heading out for a bike ride with the kids!
Making a dinner that has been planned and accounted for!
This CAN and WILL be you!
How do I know?
Because it's ME!!!


I needed a  CHANGE...and I bet you are ready for one too.

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?

Like, a really dark place where you can barely get out of bed in the morning, because the tasks of the day (big and small) have become insurmountable.
This was me.  And so many other moms I know.
How did I get out of this?
I knew I had lots of reasons why I needed to change!
But ultimately what was my biggest reason?
Because you can't pour from an empty cup.
Because you can't take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself.
 I want to be fulfilled and happy.
But to know that even when things are not going AMAZING, I am still able to pull myself out of that mindset and get back into my healthy one.
Habits, mantras, positive self talk, systems - I've heard it all and I do it all.
And I want to show you how.

  What REAL MOMS Are Saying:

"...I feel like I have my life back..."

This system works! I wish I found it so long ago! Its really unbelievable that I basically only spend 20mins a week making my plan and then its actually off my mind the rest of the week! It's such a freeing feeling 😊 Jackie explains the process so well I really did get started right away. She gives great tips I never thought of! So simple but so smart!! Thank you SO much for creating and sharing this system. I feel like I have my life back ❤

Mel, 35 - Ontario, Canada

"... I'm shocked at the money I am saving on food every month..."

This system is amazing! I'm shocked at the money I'm saving on food every month now and I can really notice we reduced so much on food waste in our home. It was something always important to me but without a plan, I just really couldn't keep up. This system gave me the tools I needed to make these things a priority again. Thank you 🙏

Leah, 33 - Sunshine Coast, Australia

"...Every single mom out there needs this...Me and my waistline thank you..."

I cant believe how much this system actually helped with weight loss! Cooking at home on a regular basis really does make it easier to eat healthier. I've noticed already my kids are even making better choices now that I made some changes with the information in the bonus videos. Those tips and tricks really do help! Thank you so much for sharing this system and information! Every single mom out there NEEDS this!! Me and my waist line thanks you😉

Jana, 37 - Whistler, BC, Canada

What have I been able to change in my life? 

I am able to bring the fun part back into being a mom.

I am able to carve out time EVERYDAY for myself to relax.

I have developed systems for my household that take the pressure off of me  worrying about how to get everything done in a day.

I feel good and I feel confident in myself. 

And I want you all to as well. 

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